Ajrumiyyah | Vowelled Flowcharts

I have decided to put the vowelling (harakat/tashkeel) on the flowcharts in order to make them more accessible to learners. I include the previous 10 chapters in vowelled format and will in future post both.

Ch. 1 – al kalam (vowelled)

Ch. 2 – al i’rab (vowelled)

Ch. 3 – marifat ‘alamat al i’rab (vowelled)

Ch. 4 – mu’rabat (vowelled)

Ch. 5 – al af’al (vowelled)

Ch. 6 – marfu’at al asma (vowelled)

Ch. 7 – al fa’il (vowelled)

Ch. 8 – al maf’ul allathi lam yusamma fa’iluh (vowelled)

Ch. 9 – al mubtada’ wa al khabar (vowelled)

Ch. 10 – al ‘awamil al dakhila ‘ala al mubtada wa al khabar (vowelled)


~ by Imran on May 31, 2010.

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