Revisiting the Ajrumiyyah | Chapter 1 | Speech

After a lengthy hiatus in posting and indeed the Ajrumiyyah, I have been fortunate enough to begin studying it. What I propose to do is post flowcharts based on each chapter which help illustrate in diagrammatical format the logical steps by which the author explains a topic. Throughout the series, I will try as much as possible to use the same Arabic words as the author, as the blessings of the text lie in his words.

The Ajrumiyyah posts on this blog are month on month the most popular so I hope you find some benefit herein. I had intended to do the same with the English, but having the English on its own can look slightly out of context. However, if there is sufficient demand I can do so Inshallah.

Ibn Ajrum, may Allah be pleased with him, begins with a discussion on the components of speech.

I include a picture of the flowchart but have attached the pdf version.

Click here for the pdf version

Ch. 1 - al kalam


~ by Imran on October 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Revisiting the Ajrumiyyah | Chapter 1 | Speech”

  1. As Salaam alaikum Can you please define adama for me its on the chart in the center as a sign for haruf.

  2. Wa alaikum asalaam dear sister,

    عدم (‘adam) can mean several things depending on the discipline but here it means ‘the lack of’. The lack of a sign is in itself a sign.

  3. as salaam alaikum, jazakallah khairan

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