al Ajrumiyyah

Most students of Arabic will have heard of this amazing Arabic Grammar. It seems to be more popular with native Arabs but nevertheless is very useful for the English speaker.

I’ll upload 3  documents:

My teacher has informed me that Sheikh Hamza never intended for the above file to be made public. In order to respect the wishes of Sheikh Hamza, I have chosen to remove the file.


~ by Imran on March 8, 2007.

14 Responses to “al Ajrumiyyah”

  1. […] al-ajurrumiyyah resources […]

  2. Jazaakallah Khayr brother. I’ve aadded you to the blogrool

  3. Another very good post on resources:
    The audio links are broken, some alternatives (which are also more complete and in mp3 format) are here:

  4. By the way, the third docuemnt is, as far as I know, only a partial translation of the Arabic version. See the links I posted above.

  5. please also add this:

    Wa Salam,

  6. mumtaaz!! very well done indeed. My Allah bless you. The english is a bit hard for me (I was never too good in grammar) but this is an ideal learnig tool.

  7. The Ajrumiyyah Folder is up. Alhamdullah.

    4 of them are from this web site and about another 8.

    Some of it are repeat files due to vowels or different font/color etc

    There are about 10+ different versions on how to spell Al Ajrumiyyah. I kept the files in the same format as I downloaded them (except RAR files) so you will not download repeats.

  8. Where did you get translation by Hamza Yusuf from and when was it published?

    • I’m not sure. I was sent it a couple of years ago. I believe it was part of a course pack althought I could be wrong

  9. jazaakumullah khairan katsirah. saya suka ini ( i like it)

  10. Assalamaualiakum

    Where can I purchase the Arabic Textbook of Al_Ajrumiyyah ? Any online store which sells it ?

  11. Could someone tell me where i could purchase a good translation and notes for ajrumiyyah

  12. quality blog.mashallah really beneficial. i have used this material to revise Ajrumiyah and teach it.May God reward you for all your efforts.

  13. need a tutor

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